May 9, 2008

6 Steps to a Healthy Relationship

As has been pointed out, I avoid relationship/personal stuff on this blog. Mostly because I am historically poor at relationship/personal stuff. However, I came across this today, and will be using it as a rubric for relationships from here on out. .

1. Is she doing something that bothers you?
Yes -- Stop here. Address the issue like an adult, resolve it with her. Move to #2.
No -- Skip to #3.

2. Does the outcome of #1's resolution give you peace of mind?
Yes -- Move to #3.
No -- Go back to #1.

3. Is there anything else that's bothering you?
Yes -- Go back to #1.
No -- Go to #4.

4. Wait. Now, is there anything else that you think needs to be addressed in your relationship?
Yes -- Go back to #1.
No -- Go to #5.

5. Honestly, is there anything else at all?
Yes -- Go back to #1.
No -- Go to #6.

6. Congratulations. You're either lying to yourself because all relationships require honesty and work, or you've somehow met the perfect ying to your yang, and you are blissfully the exception to this rule. Do you think that you're done?
Yes -- Everyone is wrong sometimes. Go back to #1.
No -- Welcome to reality. Go back to #1.

There. All of your relationship concerns solved in 6 easy steps. You're welcome.

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