Jan 8, 2009

National Title Game

Here it is. 33 Bowl games in the can, and just one to go. And I couldn't be more burned out. Sorry, no in-depth analysis, no comparison of trash talk, not even a good old fashioned dig at the fun and gun Big 12 that hasn't played defense since training camp.

Ok, that one slipped.

Still, I don't even think this game will be entertaining. One team is better in all three phases of the game, and the other one doesn't even have their best running back on the field tonight.

Florida - 35 Oklahoma - 21

Some additional reading: Annual dominance of the SEC and the Big 12, breakdown of Sooner offense vs. Gator defense, profiles of the coaches and finally 10 reasons why each team may win...along with my favorite quote of the CFB postseason:
Giving freakishly competitive Tebow extra motivational fuel is like giving John Daly the keys to a Krispy Kreme bakery and a bottle of scotch. Very bad idea.
Sick burn, Pat Forde.


cstanley23 said...

Pat Forde is hilarious

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Crush OK and Texas will be quiet.
Reg A